Hello! we are Hiz Handz puppet Ministries

Passing the word Jesus one puppet show at a time

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Let use introduce Ourselves

Hiz Handz Puppet ministries began in 1995 as an outreach ministry in Suffolk Va. it was originally name " roman Road Puppets" by it's two founder Ronnie Wyatt and Steve Parker. Steve and Ronnie's vision was to reach out to others through a missions minded ministry. in 1998 under new leadership of Mike Umphlett the team embarked on expanding its missions outreach by including a trip to Charleston West Virginia to minister to homeless citizens there. Upon  Returning, the team was asked to give a report the the Church as to the success of the trip. Ron and Julie (now Leaders) of Hiz Handz became interested in serving with the team that night during the report back. a few years later in 2001 the team leadership position became available and was filled by Ron Ward with Julie Ward as the Co-Leader. the Team began focusing deeper on missions by teaming with ta soup kitchen/homeless shelter in Dunn NC. Now 14 years later we are a stand-alone nonprofit mission's team dedicated to reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ using every open door possible.


Jesus said, "I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life, no one comes to the Father except through Me"

John 14:6

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